South Indian Gathering

South Indian Gathering

We are together

WishesPosted by Rudreswara Hanjigematt Wed, January 27, 2010 13:03:06

Sample Post:

From: Rudresh

For whatever the reasons, Life is moving with no looking back, though we think on one matter always in mind, but time never stops with that thought process..

So its our right to move ahead with the time with the new progressive thoughts keeping bad movements aside.

SIG is not just a meeting, its a joy and solution point for all our native friends and family.

"We" never becomes alone, so we are together always.

Wonderful web page creation:-)

Great job...

Republic Day Wishes

WishesPosted by South Indian Committee Tue, January 26, 2010 12:13:16

The 26th January is one of the most important days in history of India ,as it was on this day in year 1950 the constitution of India came into force and she became a truly sovereign state. The country finally realized the dream of Mahatma Gandhi and the other numerous freedom fighters who, fought for and sacrificed their lives for the Independence of our country. With a billion people, the Republic of India is the world's largest democracy.

Please be informed that all Indians are cordially invited for the Flag hoisting ceremony on January 26th , 2010 at 9.00 am on the occassion of the Republic Day celebrations. The ceremony will be held at the Embassy in Niels Juels Gate 30 and will be followed by refreshments.

Let the patriotic fervor bring us together to celebrate our Republic day.

Wish you all Happy Republic day 2010!

For Further informations please visit

Jai Hind !!!

SIG Committee 2010